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Let Healing Begin at Kmart_Kelsey and Kino _Response To 5.25.2020.jpeg

response to

My Home Town
2 Months After The Murder Of George Floyd

A series of 5 original music pieces set to visual imagery of my hometown of Minneapolis/St. Paul Minnesota shot 2 months after George Floyds murder. I shot each of the 5 videos is shot on my iPhone 6s and set to my original electronic hip-hop and R&B music scores. The imagery was artfully edited to the music by Kino Galbraith  The existing videos capture the South Side neighborhood of Minneapolis (a Black, Latino and Native neighborhood) and the Frogtown/Rondo neighborhoods of St. Paul  two months after the murder of George Floyd. This work premiered at The Brooklyn Prelude Festival through the Segal Theatre Center New York, NY. This piece is on view at The Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art Winston-Salem NC through April 2022  and Buckham Gallery Flint, MI through May 2022.

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