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Let's Werk!

Know professionally by the name my momma gave me, Kelsey Van Ert, I am Brooklyn based arts educator, producer, and program manager. Since moving to NYC in 2011 I have  worked as a teaching artist and arts curriculum developer with Little Island, Urban Arts Partnership, Voice Unbroken, DreamYard Project, and The Harlem Children’s Zone. I have also taught performing arts workshops at conferences hosted by NYU, MIT, Teachers College at Columbia University, Williams College M.A., UW-Madison, and Antalya University in Turkey.


I also love producing in person and virtual events were communities can enjoy, discuss and share art! I have curated a music jam session funded by The Brooklyn Arts Council and Virtual teaching artist classroom engagements with The Clemmons Family Farm. I have just recently dipped my toes into in Impact Producing. 

If your project is impactful, creative, and based in making the world a more equitable place there is a good chance that I would love to join your team! 

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